Honor Your Nanny

Did you have an extraordinary and loving nanny in your life? Many people have.

I know because every time I mention my book to people, they can’t wait to tell me about their own remarkable nanny – how she (or he) helped them become the person they are now. I want to document those stories for all to see.

Please use the space below to honor your nanny as I have honored my nanny, Elizabeth Hanna, in my book. We will feature many of your stories in upcoming blogs.

In a few months we will have an on-going “nanny-raised” community so that nannies everywhere can receive the praise they deserve. Too often the nanny stories that appear in the media are negative. They tell of nannies who have hurt their charges. That type of story may sell papers or draw people to web sites, but they hardly represent the generosity of most nannies today.

I think our caring, loving nannies deserve this special honor.

Please fill in the form below and tell me your nanny-raised story. Then come back to my site often to read about your wonderful nanny stories.


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